INHABIT project

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EU added value

The results of the INHABIT project will yield the following EU-added value:

  • Support in implementing the WFD in two key European areas i.e. the Alps and Sardinia, based on the most recently defined WFD methods.
  • Refinement of existing methods for WFD implementation in Italy.
  • Collection and organization of biological and hydro-morphological data from representative Italian catchments, which will be an important starting point for future RBMPs in those and adjacent areas.
  • Matched analysis of RBMPs from highly different geographic contexts i.e. northern Italy mountain areas vs island harsh environments.
  • A further clarification of the relationship between biological elements and hydro-morphological parameters by means of real RBMPs scenarios, which is not yet so clear and defined, especially in Mediterranean environments.
  • Original data on biological response to pressures and local hydro-morphological conditions.
  • Quantification of the degree of uncertainty in WFD classification methods.
  • Factual examples of discrimination between habitat- and pressure-related biological variation.
  • Selection of new sets of measures for RBMPs, based on innovative approaches and integration of habitat-related information.
  • Indication to Authorities and Stakeholders on how to improve and restore water bodies presently not in good ecological condition in the South European area.