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Sardinia - Rivers, Sardinia - habitat

This section presents some of the habitat characteristics observed in the investigated river sites, in terms of alterations and natural features. Pictures present, among others, environmental features observed in the ‘coupled’ sites where differences in habitat are highlighted, also in terms of absence/presence of alteration.

La sezione presenta alcune caratteristiche degli habitat rinvenuti nei tratti fluviali investigati. Le fotografie presentano, tra le altre, caratteristiche ambientali osservate nelle coppie di tratti (monte e valle) per i quali sono evidenziate le differenze di habitat, anche in termini di assenza/presenza di alterazioni.

1a - realigned river reach with reinforced (concrete), partially eroded bank (Foddeddu, Sardegna - OG)
1b - entirely natural channel and banks in reference site, with diversified channel substaretes and flow types (Flumineddu, Sardegna - NU)
1c - part of artificial two-stage channel with transverse structure (Foddeddu, Sardegna - OG)
1d - natural channel and bank habitats in a reference site (Flumineddu, Sardegna - NU)
2a - river channel altered by a culvert (Lorana Multiculvert, Sardegna - NU)
2b - river reach, upstream the one on the previous picture, on the same water body, in natural channel (Lorana monte, Sardegna - NU)
3a - bank reinforcement (gabions) and portion of eroding bank near a bridge (Terra Mala Ponte, Sardegna - OT)
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